Sheep were the first animal at Culfoich and they’re still the most abundant but between the 1960s and today however, there were a lot more.

For the majority of our time at Culfoich our flock has been comprised of Scottish Blackface, a breed that was chosen for their durability, hardiness and easy lambing. Our Blackface ewes have been producing, for the most part, pure Blackface lambs, from Blackface tups bought each year from Lanark tup sales. With the female lambs kept as replacements. In previous years though, a variety of tups were used.

In the early years of Culfoich the dominant terminal sire used was a Bluefaced Leicester, which produced stronger mule lambs which were sold at auction as gimmers. Throughout the 1980s Mule’s from Culfoich were selling regularly and achieving big prices across the North and North East.

Aside from the Bluefaced Leicester tups, our hefted flock of Blackface ewes has been put to other sires, from Suffolk to Swaledale, and even a Texel.

In the late 1990s sheep numbers were reduced dramatically to a more sustainable and manageable level, the flock shrunk from well over 1,200 to around 500 ewes.

Today we are working to improve our flocks health and fertility. Although we are running our sheep on poorer quality grazing we have been able to improve our scanning percentage from 70% to 130% in a few years with the addition of Swaledale genetics and increased shepherding. All male lambs are sold store through United Auctions after weaning time and the top draw of our ewe lambs are retained for replacements with the others sold along side the male lambs.

Store lambs are available for purchase off the farm at certain times in the year, get in touch if you want to know more:

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