At Culfoich we have always had a strong focus on what nowadays is known as "High Nature Value Farming" but to us it's always just made sense.

Since 1995 we have been heavily involved with the protection and enhancement of the environment that we farm in.

We've planted over 17,000 meters of new hedgerows to help with biodiversity and provide wildlife corridors for important species.

We farm on the banks of one of the most important rivers in Britain, the River Spey, which generates millions for the local economy thanks to the Salmon in its crystal clear waters. To do our bit we've fenced off 4.8 hectares of Water Margins to protect the water quality as well as managing 40 hectares of Wetlands.

Our farm is not only home to cattle and sheep, every year we are visited by hundreds of wading birds including Curlew, Oystercatcher and Snipe. To help them get the best start, we carefully manage 60 hectares of grazing land to benefit these ground nesting birds.

Our 1,700 hectares of hill is managed to enhance the habitat of Black Grouse, through a program of careful muirburn and sensitive sheep grazing management. 

All of our efforts on the hill are having a profound effect too, with hectares of natural Native Scots Pine regeneration being seen for the first time.

No artificial fertilisers have been used for nearly a decade now and all of our land and home-bred livestock are fully certified as Organic (SOPA member 1053).

Our focus is very much on farming in a sustainable way; with the environment around us, not against it.

If you want to know more about our environmental work at Culfoich just get in touch: