The Culfoichmore pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd was established in 1975 and was the first venture into pedigree cattle breeding at Culfoich. The herd saw successes over the years that followed in taking various prizes and titles at shows across the North and North East including a championship at a pedigree show and sale in Inverness with Culfoichmore Kodak in 1977

The Culfoichmore herd was gradually phased out to make way for a herd of commercial cattle and in time our Advie Charolais herd of pedigree Charolais cattle.

In October 2013 however, the Culfoichmore Aberdeen Angus herd was re-born with the purchase of three cows, with calves at foot, from the Cardona dispersal sale at United Auctions, Stirling Market.

After the Cardona cows had settled for a while we were presented with Culfoichmore Jewot Erica P717 and Culfoichmore Jewott Erica P716. Twin Calves from Cardona Jewot Erica K684, sired by Nightengale Dunbar K551, and the first Pedigree Aberdeen Angus calves to be born at Culfoich in almost 30 years.
Using AI the Cardona cows were all put in calf successfully to Oakchurch Feild Marshall K143, while the Heifers were both put in calf to Rawburn Black Hawk L261.

The following year, again at Stirling Market we purchased two cows with heifer calves and one in calf heifer from the dispersal of the Glenbuchat Herd – owned by former Scotland and Lions legend David Sole.

At UA Stirling’s 2015 October sale we took a further step towards our base herd by purchasing 4 in calf heifers and a bull from John Loftus’ Weeton herd and a cracking young bull. The heifers have a great mix of established Angus genetics as well as lots of exciting new bloodlines from Canada and the US.

As well as the heifers we also purchased a new stock bull for Culfoich from the same stable: Weeton Karate Lad P435; a son of Peter Pershore and out of Blelack Karama Lady G190 who was also sold on the same day. He is a powerful, well-muscled bull with great figures to back him up.

At the Ballathie Dispersal in 2015 we purchased Ballathie Rosita M796, a daughter of renowned Canadian sire CCL Dateline. She is a natural cow with great figures (600 day weight of +123) and an excellent Heifer calf at foot Ballathie Rosita R336.

At Christmas time 2015 we completed private purchase of two prominent heifer calves from the renowned Deveron Aberdeen Angus Herd of Hamish & Margaret Sclater at Denhead, Turriff.

Firstly Deveron Jubilee Erica R513 a Daughter of Belhaven Dryburgh Abbey L344 and out of Blelack Jubilee Erica H960 as well as Deveron Lady R502 a Daughter of Deveron Banbury and out of Deveron Lady L345. With an SRI of +60 and an outstanding showing reputation in the show ring already; with success at 'Stars of the Future' in Stirling and the ‘Black Beauty Bonanza’ in 2015.

Later in 2016 three heifers we purchased from the Carlhurlie dispersal sale; Carlhurlie Elicia R079, Carlhurlie Judi Erica R084, and Carlhurlie Eboni 095 With that, the basis of our herd was complete.

To date we have only exhibited Aberdeen Angus at our local show in Grantown-on-Spey and have retained most of our stock to grow the herd with bull calves being fattened and finished. It is important for us to give a good example of the breed so we are working slowly to ensure that any Culfoichmore animals sold for pedigree breeding exhibit the qualities we can be proud of. In 2017 we will be exhibiting the first Culfoichmore homebred cattle at local shows and the World Aberdeen Angus Forum.